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DRTI - Društvo za razvoj tehniškega izobraževanja (in Slovenian)


Društvo za razvoj tehniškega izobraževanja,
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The Society for the Development of Technology Education will co-operate in International summer school of electronics and robotics in Rabac, Croatia, from 23. 6. to 29. 6. 2013. The summer school is a part of activities of the EU project InFiRo.


The Society for the Development of Technology Education (SDTE) is a non-government organisation (NGO). Members of the SDTE are teachers at primary, middle and high schools, as well as those employed by higher education institutions, research institutes and companies. The establishment of the Society was initiated by members of the Department of Technology Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana. A group of about 40 citizens established the SDTE at the end of 2008, becoming its founding members.

The Society currently operates mainly in Slovenia. However, with a membership/partnership with the World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education (WIETE), based in Melbourne, Australia, and in co-organizing an international summer school of electronics and robotics in 2012, the SDTE also intends to operate internationally.

Aims and objectives

The Society's aim is to bring together people working in the field of science and technology education, who have an interest in the research and development of this kind education, as well as those individuals wishing to improve their scientific-technical knowledge informally.

The main objectives of the SDTE are to:

  • Improve the technical and scientific knowledge of teachers of at all levels of education;
  • Contribute to the social impact and reputation of engineering and scientific personnel;
  • Contribute to research and development of technology and engineering education at all levels;
  • Encourage constructive cooperation between teachers of science and technical subjects at all levels of education and the users of these skills, with particular  emphasis on collaboration with industry;
  • Develop, test and deploy relevant teaching methods, approaches and tools for science and technology education;
  • Encourage the publication of periodicals and monographs relevant to the development of science and technology studies;
  • Organise or assist education and training in technology topics through both formal and informal activities;
  • Design, develop, produce and sell teaching and learning equipment and tools, course material and educational software.

Some recent activities

Assessment of the Status of Technical Education in Slovenia and Suggestions for Improvement

The preparation of the document, accomplished in January 2011, was coordinated by the SDTE and written jointly by its members. The members also provided external expertise. The document notes the shortcomings in the national education system regarding the role and representation of technology and science education. It points out long-term adverse effects of this situation in the Slovenian economy and proposes some short-term and long-term remedial actions. The document was delivered to the Ministry of Education, to other professional bodies, and the public. Responses to the document came mainly from professional bodies and the public following publication of several summaries of the document.

Based on this document, the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAZU) organised a consultative meeting on technology education on 15 March 2012. The SDTE was represented by its President, who delivered an opening address.

Summer camps of robotics and electronics

In cooperation with the Association of Technical Culture of Slovenia (ZOTKS), the SDTE organises and implements summer camps of electronics and robotics, in order to popularise engineering subjects with young people aged 12 to 18 years. Such summer camps have been held for the past four years, with an aim to integrate topics related to electronics, informatics, mechanical engineering, etc. The summer camps focus on active engagement by participants, and the programmes emphasise learning by "hands-on" experience and exploration, whereas the final task is to develop projects based on students' own ideas (See video clip on YouTube).

In 2012, the summer camp will take place in Croatia, Rabac together with the kids from Croatia. The summer school became a part of activities a project named InfiRo co-financed by the European Union.


Design, Development and Production of Learning Materials, Equipment and Tools for Early Learning of Electronics and Robotics

The SDTE has been involved in the development and production of the following:

  • A microcontroller control unit named eProDas-Rob1 (See video clip on YouTube);
  • A learning kit for electronics;
  • Accessories for robotics and electronics.


Bodies of the Society

Management Executive
President: Dr Slavko Kocijancic, Secretary: Stanislav Avsec, Treasurer: David Rihtaršič, Members: Tomaž Kušar and Dr Boštjan Murovec.

Supervisory Board
President: Franc Vrbančič, Members: Dr Boris Aberšek and Jurij Mikeln.

Disciplinary Committee
President: Dr Amand Papotnik, Members: Dr Janez Jamšek and Tomaž Kušar.